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What is NFT?

NFT token (non-fungible token) is a digital certificate for a unique object that is stored in the blockchain. NFT is not a cryptocurrency in the usual sense. Each NFT is a unique token that has no analogue and guarantees the authenticity of the item providing exclusive rights to own it.


Constant characteristics: text description and image or video.


Variable properties: may change depending on what is happening in the metaverse or reality.

The implementation of an NFT drop in the games gives

New impressions

New mechanics with popular technology, new benefits and new gamification experience.

The increase of player engagement

Turn players into your fans: create collections, albums and options for crafting more valuable NFTs.

New revenue stream

Sell utility NFTs or drop NFTs via mystery boxes, earn fees from every sale on the secondary market.

How it works

Active game session

Game True App

A player wins NFT items in the game according to the mechanics

Gets and saves his NFT in TRUE App with the detailed data and description

The user is able to collect, resell or withdraw his NFT, as well as to buy a new one on the marketplace.

The collected NFT unlocks new features in the other games

TRUE Marketplace

Build using our APIs and SDKs

Ready-to-use infrastructure to create NFT-powered projects

Out-of-the-box tools available as part of the SDK

To mint an unlimited number of NFTs for your game worlds.

Providing the information about an item by API.

NFT Crafting — a process of creating one item in the form of a more functional NFT Card by connecting two other NFT Cards.

To sell NFTs through a white-label Marketplace.

Cross-Chain Bridge: transfer from one chain to another.

Donation, Referral link in NFT, and many other mechanics to be developed.

Already with us

Victoria Wild West

White-label Marketplace, Mystery Box pre-sales, in-game drops, albums for crafting.

NFT Jackpot 1 BTC

The unique NFT drop from the best iGaming project of 2021. 1 BTC Jackpot is embed in one of the NFTs. The rest can be used on the platform to receive real bonuses.

Fashion TV

In-game drops, albums for crafting, play-2-earn game, fashion metaverse.

There are plenty of companies and NFT marketplaces. Why is TRUE team the most reliable?
TRUE business
We are not a virtual company on the dark side of the world. We know how to build a real business in crypto and are ready to share this experience.
TRUE experience in different geos
We are familiar with the operational aspects in most of the popular crypto markets.
TRUE experience in gamification
Our team has successfully launched dozens of games, hundreds of game mechanics and got thousands of satisfied players around the world.
TRUE experience in crypto
We went through the entire process of starting up a blockchain project from scratch. We’ve been following the latest technologies and updates in crypto world for 5 years.
There are plenty of companies and NFT marketplaces. Why is TRUE team the most interesting?
Creative expertise
We will come up with several options for integrating NFT into your business on a turnkey basis.
We do not just introduce a trend, but we know how to make money on it.
We can easily transform crypto into fiat; we work under the contract and make a legally sound product.
No internal commissions, we work only for a % of sales.

With TRUE you can create, manage, license and distribute crypto assets

Static and dynamic NFT
In the form of text, image, video, sound, game artefact or any other digital object
White-label Marketplace and NFT engagement tools
Active community and engagement
Anti-fraud solutions
TRUE clients are protected from any kind of forgery
0 effort
0 costs
High profit
90% rev share

We provide unique conditions on the crypto market

Official contract
Transparent contract with the legit fintech company.
Fiat currency
Monthly payments to settlement account are made in fiat currency.
Full transparency
All NFT sales on the marketplace are recorded in the b2b merchant account.

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