For a smooth interaction with NFT by using GameFi innovations. Set yourself free from building your own infrastructure to focus solely on game content.

Problems that we are solving

Over the past three years, within the True Group company, we have created one of the most promising game providers in the industry.
We are fully aware of and clearly feel the pain of game developers and the difficulties they have to face while implementing blockchain technologies:
Blockchain network commissions are disrupting the economy of the game;
Weak NFT functionality;
Complexity of implementation and reading process of in-game functionality;
The statistics and control of NFT movement between players;
And other problems that shift the focus from the most important thing - game content.
Most often, all decisions boil down to the following tools:
The need to create an in-house wallet to form a commission free active session between the player and the game;
The need to create an in-house marketplace and NFT oracle, which stores the intended functionality of the released NFTs.
Igor Samardziski
TrueLab Game Studios, led by Igor Samardziski, plans to release over 20 titles in 2022 with the use of NFT release technology in some of the games.
All the above problems are of an infrastructural nature and we plan to solve them.

What do you get out of the box?

Out-of-the-box tools available as part of the SDK

To mint an unlimited number of NFTs for your game worlds

To endow NFT with the unlimited functionality, using the capabilities of NFT Oracle

NFT Fights - battles within game worlds, when new NFTs with different characteristics are created as a result of merge of two initial NFT

NFT Crafting - a process of creating one item in the form of a more functional NFT Card, by connecting two other NFT Cards

Providing the information about an item by API

Selling NFTs through a single marketplace of the ecosystem

Cross-Chain Bridge: transfer from one chain to another

Donation, Referral link in NFT, and many other mechanics to be developed

To use all the opportunities of the infrastructure for creation of liquidity of the NFT assets
Prize drops for the ecosystem users without any commissions
Loyalty system and retention tools: daily bonuses, special events, quests & missions, etc.

Launchpad soon

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TRUE Ecosystem

True Community
A community of like-minded people and token holders who share the TRUE values and enjoy interacting with the game world the way they want and anytime they want. In just a click.
True Metaverse
A GameFi ecosystem for gamers, developers and brands. Gamers are invited to a variety of game worlds combined all in one place. Developers are set free from building their own infrastructure to focus solely on game content. Brands can quickly mint and sell their own NFTs, which can be used by players in game worlds and collectors inside or outside the ecosystem.
True Earn
A loyalty program to multiply your crypto capital through the attractive Play-to-Earn activities and classic DeFi tools. The place where your crypto assets work for you.
True Marketplace
NFT Marketplace is an integral part of the ecosystem. This is a repository of NFT entities of all metaverse projects. Flexibility and scalability of the marketplace allows any projects in any of the blockchains to use it.
True App
The heart of the ecosystem allowing users to access our partners' projects. With the use of seamless technologies gamers don't have to concern about wallets, fees, transfers and blockchains. Access your game assets easily via mobile interface with the appropriate security and privacy.

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