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Your own wallet for NFT and crypto storage.

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Non-custodial account
Decentralized wallet where the client owns their private keys. At the time of its creation, the user is given a file with private keys, as well as a mnemonic phrase, with the help of which it will subsequently be possible to restore access to the management of funds.
Single sign-on
The technology allowing the user to navigate from one ecosystem product to another without re-authentication. Authorization within the product is performed by scanning the QR code. Access to assets stored in the wallet is not provided to this product.
Crypto-gaming gateway
The gateway allowing to interact with the game providers that do not use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in their games focusing on fiat only. The gateway provides visual real-time conversion of fiat currencies to crypto and vice versa at a fixed rate using risk management mechanics based on AI to facilitate gaming experience.
Cross-chain bridge
A tool for moving tokens from one blockchain to another. The bridge temporarily blocks the asset on chain ″A″ and releases it on chain ″B″. Assets on blockchain ″A″ will only be unlocked when the equivalent amount of generated tokens on blockchain ″B″ is locked again.
Pay & play
The technology of creating game sessions between the user's wallet and the game providers of the ecosystem by passing the operators, where transactions are processed real-time and without commissions.
AI security
Artificial intelligence that controls all processes within the system and notifies administrators if something goes wrong with the specified logic and parameters. The main functionality includes anti-fraud, B2B accounts and retention management.
B2B accounts
A user's business account with limited access rights to release the assets owned by a company. Can be started by game providers, top brands or affiliates.