NFT Gamification

Create a brand experience like never before.
In-house game developer TrueLab
A complete and comprehensive high-tech service for creating GameFi projects for brands to interact with the audience in Web 3.0.
Build using our APIs and SDKs
Ready-to-use metaverse infrastructure to create NFT-powered projects.
Developers are set free from building their own infrastructure to focus solely on game content.
Brands can quickly mint and sell their own NFTs, which can be used by players in game worlds and collectors inside or outside the ecosystem.

What do you get out of the box?

Out-of-the-box tools available as part of the SDK

To mint an unlimited number of NFTs for your game worlds.

To endow NFT with the unlimited functionality, using the capabilities of NFT Oracle.

NFT Fights — battles within game worlds, when new NFTs with different characteristics are created as a result of merge of two initial NFT.

NFT Crafting — a process of creating one item in the form of a more functional NFT Card, by connecting two other NFT Cards.

Providing the information about an item by API.

Selling NFTs through a single marketplace of the ecosystem.

Cross-Chain Bridge: transfer from one chain to another.

Donation, Referral link in NFT, and many other mechanics to be developed.

Get your own NFT game

Official contract
Transparent contract with the legit fintech company.
Fiat currency
Monthly payments to settlement account are made in fiat currency.
Full transparency
All NFT sales on the marketplace are recorded in your Merchant Office.